A fish-lover’s dream, the realm of deliciousness in Sferracavallo

In Sicily food’s great and in astonishing abundance. Not in a generic or relative way, but an absolute one, if not exaggerated.

So, if you ever find yourself in Palermo city and ask about fish, inevitably, someone will respond Sferracavallo, a fishing village 15km distant from the main town, full  of fish-based restaurants with one common denominator: non ending courses at  low prices.
Fixed seafood menu, at a price between 25 and 30 euro

The formula of the fixed menu at a price that varies from 25 to 30 euro, with an inconsiderate  number of starters, first and second courses, wine and beverages also included, is adapted by the majority of the restaurants and seems to be a winner for many decades now. Among seafood salads, marinated fish, fresh oysters, fried calamari, rise and pasta, grilled swordfish is not unusual tthat courses overcome the twenty! Someone turns the nose up, sustaining that the excessive quantity of food is at the expense of quality. In all honesty, who goes to Sferracavallo, doesn’t desire poor portion sizes.Here you dont’ just take a taste of food, you need to arrive hungry because you get to eat to satiety and, why not, you get to overeat..Portions are always abundant, so abundant  that  some restaurants offer the ”reduced” version of the fixed menu, that includes starters and first courses or starters 
and second courses. Moreover, it’s not uncommon for clients that are not ”big eaters” to stop at the starters, asking to take away the other courses.A fish binge eating in Sferracavallo is deeply recommended. Many restaurants have a splendid sea view and for most of the year it is possible to feast outdoors. The seafood dishes are tasty , cooked well and with a price similar to the price of an à la carte ristaurant’s  first course. 

The seafood dishes are tasty and well cooked.
Which restaurant to choose?   As a general rule, supply and demand are equal with slight differences on courses, prices and services. For which you could start from the main square of Sferracavallo, asking the restaurants’ managers, that will be pleased to inform you about the dishes. In the future we will probably write an article about the recommended restaurants, in the meanwhile,  trust your gut and, as long as you are aware that you will taste simple and intense tavern  flavors rather than sophisticated haute cusine’s, you will not be disappointed.And for the most difficult palates, there are also restaurants à la carte with more refined proposals, reduced portions and prices, comprehensibly, more elevated.

 A preferential experience for understanding the sicilian table’s generosity.
You can arrive from Palermo by bus  (line 628 from A. De Gaspari square) or by train, although car is the most comfortable way.  There are not many public parking spots, but there are plenty private parkings, where a parking spot costs around 2 euro. Those who don’t love waiting too long or crowds would better avoid Friday and Saturday’s dinner and Sunday’s lunch, days when reservastions are strongly recommended. Feeling full and satisfied after a tasty meal to Sferracavalllo is the best way to experience and understand the Sicilian table’s generosity.

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